Caring For Your German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Caring for a dog of any breed can be quite a concern, especially if it is puppy that is going to grow into a high-energy dog like a German shorthaired pointer. As a puppy they are attractive, but as a breed that comes from German bird dogs, they will have a lot of energy. Therefore, here is a guide to help you in caring for your German shorthaired pointer puppy.

The Right Food

As is true with all puppies, your puppy will need the right high-quality dog food. Because they are a very active breed, they will need a diet high in fat and protein. Having the right food for your puppy will help to keep it active throughout its life.

Basic Care

This breed is prone to ear infections because of its folded ears hampering air flow. This means you need to be sure to keep them clean, and a good way to do this is to begin slowly and reward your puppy along the way so over time it does not resist.

Also, train it to behave well when cutting his nails. Given how active they are, a long nail could get caught on something which could cause a painful injury. You can cut the nails using nail cutters, or you can have a groomer do this.

Also be sure to brush. This will keep its coat healthy as well as keep shedding from becoming a problem. With this breed being a short haired breed a grooming glove will suffice or a brush.

Finally, have plenty of fresh water for your puppy. Being so active is going to cause him to need a lot. This is especially important when it is hot outside, so make sure he does not dehydrate.


This is very important for any dog especially a high-energy breed like the German shorthaired pointer. Not only does it need exercise for its health, but also exercise can help with bad behaviors. If a puppy is tired from exercise, it is not as likely to feel like chewing something up as it will be if it is full of energy.

If you have a fenced in area where you live to keep your puppy from running off, then this is a great way to exercise it. Be sure to be with it so if it tries to dig under the fence you can stop it. Walking your dog is also another great way to drain away excessive energy. Training it to play fetch will also yield success. While you have to do nothing more than throw a toy, your dog running over and over again to pick it up and bring it back to you makes dog exercise easy.

Provide him his own Space

Provide him his own domain in the form of his crate. You need to crate train him in order for him to enjoy being inside of it. The crate will need a comfortable blanket or dog bed inside so he will have a place to retreat to if things inside the house (such as when guests come) cause him to want a place away from everything.
Having him his own space can also be of benefit when it’s bed time. A dog can learn where he is to lie down to sleep at night. Over time, your puppy might learn to go in his crate on his own accord and lie down for the night.

Dental Care

Like us, a dog will need clean teeth to help prevent health issues with his teeth and gums. This can be done by brushing your puppy’s teeth. Although his baby teeth will fall out over time and be replaced by his adult teeth, brushing his puppy teeth will get him accustomed to having them brushed as an adult.

Just like with ear cleaning, this should be done slowly over time. A full brush does not have to be done all the time while teaching your puppy this is not a bad thing. There are also dental treats you can give your puppy that also will help keep its teeth clean.

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